Matt began his career drilling holes into an unsuspecting parent’s wall to create his first home studio at the age of 15. A lover of the record making process from a young age, Matt had a family of avid Beatles fans and a house filled with the sound of 60’s classics.

 After starting his own bands, playing with others and putting on gigs Matt started doing live sound. Working for and becoming friends with a band named Parva (now know as the Kaiser Chiefs) he got his first studio gig at Cottage Road where Parva had worked extensively. After working primarily from Cottage Road for few years Matt has taken the plunge of creating his own studio The Nave.

 The Nave is the base of operations for him on a lot of projects giving both him and the artist the freedom to explore without being too worried about spiralling costs or time. The Nave also offers Matt a place to indulge his love of analog recording equipment and synthesis. Matt is also happy to work further afield than Leeds. Matt has worked in, and is able to operate effectively in, everything from a legendary studio such as Monnow Valley to a minimal basement set up.

 Matt has notched up a host of production credits, most recently producing Eagulls 2nd album “Ullages” (Partisan Records) as well as Bad Breedings debut.

A full discography can be found here.

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